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Welcome to the Constitutional Research and Debate WikiEdit

This wiki is a place to Research documents concerning or influential in the Writing of the Founding documents. It will also be a place to further debate a different version with tighter chains upon the government, and an attempt to define the difference between a Citizen and Civilian, and how the two should remain separate in political decisions.

Please feel free to bring in any documents that you may feel relevant to the discussion to share with others in our attempt to bring back the Means of Liberty.

5/21/2012: There is a lot of debate recently amongst Liberty minded individuals and constitutionalists over sticking to the Ratified Constitution, or re-writing it if given a chance. The intent of this wiki is to debate the 'sticking' points where some feel the Constitution lacked teeth, or could be written in such a way as to further insure that people remain the source of power in Government, not select groups with ill intent. And it is all debatable.

I would hope that others feel our Constitution is the better example of what can be done, with minimal wording, to establish a government 'Of the People, By the People' as it should be. We need no kings to lead our lives, why would we want a king to tell us how to do so.

Please join the debate.

To build a better system using 236 years worth of lessons from the last one.Edit

That is the point of this wiki. I can't think of a single person I know that doesn't think we could have done better. The point of our founders delivering the best product they could is undisputed, but there are definitive points that are lacking; especially in the external oversight thereof. This wiki is intended to not write a replacement thereof, but to create an arena of thought in how it could be done BETTER, if there is a need in the immediate future.

Where all of this started for me

A discussion on Citizen vs: Civilian and why that distinction needs made

RIghts, Priviledges, and Duty. Yes Virginia, there is a difference.

The Running Dialogue: A modern Constitutional discussion.

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